Welcome to Webster Hills

Welcome to Webster Hills!

Like many, I once experienced church as a place to be reminded of all the things I should not do and all the things I had done wrong. Thankfully, I’ve come to understand that being a follower of Jesus offers a particular freedom and peace of spirit. All those rules, judgements and limitations are not what define my faith and do not shape how I lead this church. 


Our church is a community of people who are simply trying their best to follow Jesus. What we are trying to do is express the love of God in our lives—as a community of faith and as individuals. We are working to be a church made up of people who are growing in their understanding of how we can be anchored in the life, story and teachings of Jesus. 


We are working toward being a more authentic expression of God’s love for the world by gathering for worship, learning together in small groups, living generously, praying always, and finding ways to serve through acts of justice and mercy. 


We would love to help you discover the way of Jesus and how it can shape your life and your way of moving through this world. There is a place for you in this community. Thank you for visiting our web site. Please let us know how we can connect with you and serve you.   



Pastor Linda Gastreich