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CONNECT is one of the Next Steps to being fully engaged at Webster Hills.  

We CONNECT together by regularly attending a worship service.  Learning together in our multi-generational family.  Because wisdom and faith are passed around, not just passed down.  


We CONNECT together by joining a small group.   A place to explore faith, make new friends and walk through the ups and down of life together.

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30/40 Somethings Small Group: We meet at 10:00 am Sunday mornings in the classroom just off the front of the chapel. We are mostly parents with children pre-school age or just starting in school, but open to all!  Sunday mornings are split with social time and a small group study.  We also have a monthly social event.  Contact Shane Sipes for more information.

Multi - Gen Group: We meet on Sunday mornings at 9am in the Christian Life Center in the Great Hall. We study and discuss various topics on faith.  Contact Leslie Chalupny for more information.

Wondering- We are a group of adults, age 35-60, who are wondering many things about life.  We wonder how to raise our kids in a Christ filled home.  We wonder what God's purpose for our lives are.  We wonder how we can support each other and and our community through life's messy times.  And of course we wonder how we can celebrate with each other the wonderful times of our lives.  Join us for a cup of coffee in Hudspeth Hall (lower level) as we wonder together.

Inquirers Class: The Inquirers is a very welcoming class, and enjoys lively discussions with a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints. The Inquirers thrive on learning from each other. The class is developed around Bible study for those who are not Bible scholars. We meet in the Christian Life Center in room 232 at 9am. “Inquiring” minds are welcome to join us.  Contact Connie Ward for more information.

Feel free to check out a small group on Sunday mornings!