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What's Your Next Step?

It’s time for next steps.  A time to talk about how we can connect and take our next steps together in faith.  

For our next steps this series, we are going to be interactive.  Each week we will have daily scriptures, and questions to ponder about our faith and abundance.  

So we have a couple steps for you to take and walk along with us:

First, make sure to join us for this whole series.  Come in person, join us online. But make a choice and commit to being here in worship in person or online.  If you missed last week, catch it here

Second, we have a personalized journal for you today.  (You can request one by emailing Leslie at, or text  ‘JOURNAL’ to 314-866-4115 and we will get one out to you asap.) In your journal you can daily or weekly write about your responses to the questions that will be posted each week on Webster Hills Online. 

We do encourage you to share and chat with one another at Webster Hills Online.  If you are not a member of Webster HIlls Online you can follow the link above and join.  

QUESTION FOR THE WEEK (Journal it!): In what ways can you foster greater joy?

Looking forward to seeing you online this week and continuing the conversation throughout the week.

Additional Journal Questions:

Read Philippians 4:4-9

• What or who is the source of your joy?

• What role does thanksgiving play in your prayers (Philippians 4:6)?

• How do you experience joy amid times of grief and pain?

Discuss these further as they are posted throughout the week on Webster Hills Online! Join the conversation!