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What's Your Next Step?

Hello, It’s time for next Steps.  A time to talk about how we can connect and take our next steps in faith.


Advent Bag

We are getting ready for Advent, the time leading up to Christmas, here at Webster Hills.  We have prepared for you Advent bags that hold all the items you will need for your Advent journey this year.  A booklet that leads you through the season and events, a devotional and much more. If you have kids or grandkids any kids you would like to join you during advent, grab a family bag as well. If you are new with us this year and didn’t get an advent bag last year with the advent wreath, we have a blue bag for you with a wreath to complete your items. They are available for pick up as you leave worship today and the next few weeks.  

If you need one delivered or mailed, please contact Leslie Chalupny or text "AdventBag" to 314-866-4115.


Join a Small Group for Advent

One piece I would like for you to consider this advent, in your bags you will receive a devotional book.  Let’s dive in together and read it.  There are multiple classes and groups that meet on Sunday mornings. Classes meet in the building and online.  We are also offering a Wednesday morning group - led by Andy Waggoner.  I encourage you to take a step and join a group this advent if you are not already part of one. If you are interested in signing up,  text ‘Advent’ to 314-866-4115. Check out all the groups and classes here.


Elf Extravaganza

Finally, join us for our first event of the season - Elf extravaganza - You will not want to miss this night pack with fun, the four main food groups - a movie and dinner.  We would love to have you and friends and family join us. 


Adopt a Family

Sharing a meal with someone you do not know can be well...awkward. This year we are asking you to do just that.  To serve those in need of a meal this holiday season. Last year we partnered with Webster Rock Hill Ministries and provided meals and christmas gifts for 27 families. 

We are going to do the same this year with the goal of 30 families. 

With covid Webster Rock Hill Min is asking for gifts cards to cover a family meal and gift cards for presents for Christmas as well.  You can adopt a family that looks like yours or join together with your small group or extended family to sponsor a larger family or multiple families. 

You can contact Leslie via email, follow the link on our website or text me (text 'ADOPT' to 314-866-4115) as well to sign up. 


Have a great week Webster Hills