Grief Interrupted-02.png

A part of our lives most changed during the pandemic is our expression of grief. We have not been able to participate in the rituals, worship services, and practices to which we would typically turn. 

We are sharing a worship service that we hope will fill a part of that void. Grief Interrupted is a service that calls on liturgy, prayers, and music to help us find a way to acknowledge our grief and celebrate our faith. We encourage those of you who are grieving to find others who can join in this service, whether in person or virtually. To participate fully, we encourage you to have a candle, lighter, and writing materials prepared.

We understand this service cannot replace what we would provide in our worship spaces. We hope it gives some comfort and a reminder that God is with us in both our lives and our deaths. In addition, we are creating a small memorial garden in the area outside our office door. After Friday, you can pick up stones to paint with the names of any of your loved ones and return them to the garden. Or, you may bring a small stone of your choice to place in the garden. 

Please share this service with anyone you know who is grieving a death.