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Confirmation Sunday

Join us as we celebrate the confirmation Student of 2022!!


Full to the Brim - Lent

As we move toward Easter, we will turn to the parables of Jesus and the promises of God's abundant and expansive grace. God claims us as God's own and empowers us to live fully whether that means pursuing justice and hope or expressing grief and gratitude. Come and see how, through scriptures that brim with care and shout with hope,  we are invited to be filled with God's lavish love. This means we can set aside a scarcity mentality and allow that divine love to reach beyond ourselves, spilling over like water and touching everything in its path. This is a season in which we can increase our capacity to receive and give grace as we discover the expansive life God dreams for us. 


Love Never Ends

"Love Never Ends" is both a description and a promise. You are invited to journey with us, guided by letters written to a faith community long ago. We'll explore how to let the light of Christ shine around, in and from us as we seek to follow Jesus and change the world. 

Advent 2021

Join us for Advent this season as we travel through the Gospel of Luke and discover God With Us. 

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